Orthotropics in Northridge, CA : Natural Growth Guidance for Children

Dr. Berrios specializes in orthotropic treatment in Northridge. Our holistic orthotropic treatment philosophy that addresses the growth of the face and jaws in addition to the straightening of teeth. For example, many developing overbites result from poor forward growth of the lower jaw. An orthotropic approach would encourage the recessed bottom to grow forward to a properly developed upper jaw instead of pulling the top jaw or teeth back with a headgear or night brace, or extracting healthy teeth.

Orthotropics Introduction Video : Orthotropic Treatment in Northridge, CA

Orthotropics is particularly valuable to kids, as the young growing face is very malleable and even slight pressure from the lips or tongue over long periods can result in significant deformations. This is the type of growth that causes good-looking youngsters to become unattractive teenagers. Dr. Berrios is dedicated to helping parents recognize when a child’s face is growing incorrectly and understand what can be done to remedy it. The most important factors to look at are the strength of the muscles, the position of the lips and the method of swallowing. Studies have shown that certain types of treatment can cause significant downward growth of the lower jaw and it is advisable for parents to be informed about this risk before choosing an orthodontist. Call Dr. Berrios today Orthotropic Near Northridge for your child’s free consultation – 818-718-9280

What is Biobloc Orthotropics

Dr. John Mew is an orthodontist who lives and practices in England. In 1958 Professor John Mew put forward the ‘Tropic Premise’, which suggested that malocclusion was a ‘Postural Deformity’ and that irregular teeth were not necessarily inherited. He said that the mechanics of orthodontic treatment could be harmful to facial growth, and over the subsequent 20 years developed the concept of facial ‘Growth Guidance’ [Orthotropics®] and the ‘Biobloc’ system of treatment.

Biobloc is a type of orthodontic appliance used to posture forward the lower jaw. Biobloc Orthotropics® are most effective in younger patients. The overall aim of Biobloc therapy is to achieve facial balance and to correct poor oral posture at rest. More importantly, it aims to redirect jaw growth anteriorly in a more horizontal direction so that a better oral posture and soft tissue facial profile is developed. The Biobloc technique involves both orthopedic and functional elements.

Our Biobloc Treatment Procedure

Biobloc john mew biobloc

Various appliances, including both fixed and removable appliances, are used to prepare the upper and lower jaws and teeth in the first part of Biobloc Orthotropic® treatment. The Biobloc is generally inserted first on one side and then pivoted to insert on the other side. After the preparatory phase Biobloc appliances, a postural appliance is used to help the child learn to change the mouth posture, i.e., keep the mouth and lips closed. Over time, this is what causes the lower jaw to position more forward.

Patients treated with Biobloc Orthotropics® have a more consistent growth direction of approximately 45 degrees. Soft tissue facial changes associated with Biobloc (Orthotropic®) treatment are consistent with a more balanced facial profile.

Dr. David Berrios located near Northridge, California is a member of the highly prestigious European Orthodontic Society and several other local and regional orthodontic study groups. Dr. Berrios has been practicing in the Northridge area for the last 18 years and specializes in Orthotropics. He enjoys everything about orthodontics including the interaction with the medical field. He always looks beyond teeth to locate the cause of a problem.

Dr. David Berrios offers Orthotropic treatment to patients in Tarzana, Encino, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, Granada Hills and San Fernando Valley.