2+ years with braces and now they’re off! Thank you Dr Berrios, Roxy, Ceci, and everyone there.
I decided to get braces as an adult and paid for them out of pocket since insurance only covers them when you are a child. It was a great investment and well worth it. I love my smile. I came to Dr Berrios because my wife also got her braces here and had a good experience.

From beginning to end everyone was always professional and super friendly. If anyone is looking for an orthodontist I would recommend Dr Berrios in a heartbeat.

Also, don’t forget… Wear your retainer everyone!


J.M.F., Reseda, CA
Glad i came to this place to get braces! Dr Berrios is the best orthodontist out there he is super friendly and actually talks to you and lets you know how your treatment is going. I am planning to be an orthodontist myself and he offered to help me in any questions i had. The staff is also really nice and welcoming. I loved my results btw.Recommend this place to get your teeth fixed!
Yuli M., Los Angeles, CA
I went to Berrios for a consultation as I have a special case that will require braces along with surgery. He went over and beyond to explain every detail of what my treatment would consist of and had all the x-ray machines and simulation software needed to further explain and give me an idea of what changes I would see after the entire treatment is completed. If you want quality and individualized treatment go to Berrios!
Jeanette S., Lakeview terrace, CA
So Happy!
Just finished my Invisalign treatment with Dr. Berrios. Dr. Berrios was extremely helpful in presenting all my options regarding braces. I choose Invisalign because of my individual situation. I was finished in 8 months. The process went smoothly and timely. I love my end result. The staff was professional and always friendly. Since you will be visiting an orthodontist many times during your treatment, having an office which is accommodating and helpful is very important.
Randi H., Agoura Hills, CA
Dr Berrios is a professional and a great human being. Ihad my braces for two years and i removed them a few months ago and i am VERY HAPPY with the results. the doctor said it will take two years and it did! never dreamed of having a beautiful smile and thanks to Dr Berrios i got it!!
he’s nice, patient and a great person!he cares about the patient a lot not like others that only care about your money. the staff is great, always will greet you with a smile and you’ll be treated like family. bottom line if you want to have a $1000000 smile! Dr Berrios is your man!
Oz T., Woodland Hills, CA
I found Dr. Berrios because I wanted an orthodontist who used orthotropics to address the severe crowding in my son’s mouth. My son has had two phases of treatment, orthotropics and orthodontics. There was already a dramatic improvement after the first phase, and he will soon be finished with the second phase. Dr. Berrios was able to alleviate the crowding without having to pull teeth. Because of the success on my son’s problem, I decided to work with Dr. Berrios to try to bring down my undescended tooth and pull it in line with the others. My case was considerably more complicated, but Dr. Berrios worked with an oral surgeon (and my insurance) to allow me to use this tooth. On top of that, he and his staff are friendly and helpful, especially Roxy. We have been willing to make the drive to Northridge from Ventura County because of the level of service we have received from this practice.
Adrianne K., Thousand Oaks, CA
This guy is really an awesome orthodontist. I’m done with treatment now and he did an amazing job. I didn’t have that bad of a disposition, but still, it was nice that out of all the orthos I saw, he was the most reasonable and honest about time, cost, and results. My friends, some of whom needed a lot more work than me, were the ones who referred me to him and it looks like they are still happy with their results.

As far as customer service goes, his staff seemed friendly and pretty knowledgeable and involved in everything that goes on.

The office is clean and PAPERLESS, which is pretty cool. Even the X-RAY was digital.

Art G., Chatsworth, CA
My 8 yr old son just became a patient of Dr Berrios as well. The dr actually called my son personally to check & see how he was doing and to make sure we were giving him ice cream! I think Dr B is VERY people-friendly, as is his staff.
Wendy M., Winnetka, CA
dr. berrios does a good job engaging his patients with contests, a comfortable environment and a friendly staff. the decor of the office changed with the season. is affordable and wiling to work with your budget and expectations. a good place to check out if you or your child is in need of braces in the SFV.
Victoria I., Winnetka, CA