Pitts 21 System

Pitts 21 Braces in Northridge

Utilizing the Power of 3D Control for Fast, Efficient Results

If you have been looking for freedom from a crooked smile or other common dental issues, but don’t want traditional metal braces, Holistic Orthodontics has a unique solution for you. We are proud to offer the Pitts 21™ self-litigating braces as an orthodontic treatment option designed to improve teeth alignment and other bite concerns such as crossbites, overbites, and underbites.

One of the qualities that sets Pitts 21 braces apart from traditional braces is the fact that these systems use a distinct wire-threading technique that causes less friction and frees the patient from the need for elastic bands. This system of braces creates a single prescription for all patients without requiring a variable bracket inventory. Plus, the brackets are smaller and placed closer to the gumline, which creates a more attractive visual appeal. Some of the benefits of Pitts 21 braces include:

  • Quicker correction of common orthodontic concerns, including spaces between the teeth, crowding, general misalignment, and bite irregularities
  • Less pressure in order to move the teeth
  • Brackets that are designed to have a lower profile on the teeth and smoother, rounder corners that can make them less likely to create irritation in the lips and soft tissues of the mouth
  • Fewer follow-up appointments for maintenance
  • Simpler to brush, floss, and remove food particles from the braces
  • Less need for oral appliances like palate expanders or headgear
  • Improved esthetics
  • Broader smile to reduce dark corners of the smile
  • Better performance for some patient’s needs
  • Lack of gingival swelling depending on the patient’s individual needs
  • Greater incisors display to show more of your front teeth

How Do Pitts 21 Braces Work?

The Pitts 21 system works by using specialized clips to hold the archwire into place. Over time, your teeth naturally move as the shape-memory wire applies consistent, gentle pressure to align the teeth. It is the only self-litigating system of braces that offers 3-D control throughout the entire treatment process. This allows us to have greater visibility into the braces and the way they are working on your teeth.

The system uses as few as four wire change appointments from the beginning to the end, which will save you time, money, and require less appointments. Its square wire finish means lighter forces required for adjustments and more comfort for your teeth. Plus, its progressive slot feature creates a balance between control of the teeth and healthy teeth adjustments, making it the perfect happy medium for many patients.

Feel the Difference of a Holistic Orthodontic Experience

With over 25 years of experience, Dr. David Berrios and our whole team are dedicated to running an orthodontics practice that focuses on the needs of each individual patient. We know that your oral health has a major impact on the health of your body as a whole. That is why we treat each patient on an individual basis and will only recommend the best treatments for your needs. Unlike many other orthodontists, we will not extract your teeth or perform other major operations unless it is absolutely necessary. Our team is trained to do all that is in our power to preserve the natural health of your teeth, fix existing oral health problems, and keep your smile shining for many years to come.

To learn more about Pitts 21 braces in Northridge or how our unique approach can serve your oral health needs, call Holistic Orthodontics at (818) 626-3632 or contact us online.

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