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Northridge Surgical Orthodontics

Skilled Intervention to Resolve Significant Orthodontic Problems

After decades of practicing orthodontics in our community, Holistic Orthodontics knows that there are some instances in which the conditions of severe overbites or underbites simply cannot be addressed with braces alone. Usually these conditions are those were not only the teeth are affected, but the growth — or undergrowth — of the jaw bones is also present. Fortunately, these problems are quite correctible under the experienced care of a highly qualified maxillo-facial surgeon and an orthodontist. Our team can provide patients with solutions for abnormalities in the jaw bone, malocclusion, and bad bites that are impacting their day-to-day life and their self-esteem.

Determining if You May Need Surgical Orthodontics in Northridge

Surgical options may be considered after the patient’s jaw has stopped growing, usually around age 16 for women and 18 for men. This is a treatment that addresses the complex structural problems of the jaw, mouth, face, and skull which could be causing a variety of challenges.

Functional problems resulting from malocclusion include things like:

  • Speech difficulties
  • Inability to properly chew food
  • Headaches and joint pain
  • Periodontal problems

Issues present in the balance of a person’s bite can cause a cascade of problems that result in discomfort and malformed structures. Anyone who thinks they may have orthodontic problems on this scale should make an appointment as soon as possible. We can work with you and find a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

Committed to Your Best Interests

Using our uniquely multidisciplinary approach, we are able to return bones and teeth to their normal positions, providing enhanced function and aesthetics. Please feel free to take a glance at the pictures provided. All of them are patients of ours who ended up with fantastic outcomes.

Call Holistic Orthodontics to speak with our Northridge surgical orthodontist today at (818) 626-3632 and get started!

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